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STARK Shares New Single ‘Melody Maker’ feat. CAPTAIN BACKFIRE

Stark takes no break and joins forces with Captain Backfire to deliver sixth heartfelt single Melody Maker.

Stark 2020

East London’s Stark releases his latest offering in a string of singles with atmospherically soulful track Melody Maker. Having only debuted his first release earlier this year in February, Stark has already managed to gather his own audience with his equally striking five sonic releases throughout the year. He admits to drawing his influence from an array of artists such as Mark Ronson, Paul Epworth and Max Martin.

Just like the title suggests, Melody Maker reaches deep within the artist’s soul to experiment and create the perfect sonic even if it means giving up his own body and becoming the main source of melody itself. Featuring Captain Backfire on vocals duty, the soundscape is simplistic and minimal but still manages to shine with its melodic acoustic guitar strums and wistful dynamic vocals.