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PATRICK MC ELENEY & AURAL AIR Share Tender New Single ‘Memory’

A cut straight from the heart, the emotional new single from Patrick Mc Eleney and Aural Air viscerally captures the experience of someone living with dementia.

Patrick Mc Eleney 2020

The therapeutic benefit of music has been one that most of us have benefitted from in our lives, whether that is through an emotional catharsis or finding a way to capture your feelings and emotions when you cannot quite find the words to describe them. In Memory, Patrick Mc Eleney and Aural Air evoke this powerful effect of music to raise awareness about living with dementia, and the ability of music to help navigate the troubles and overcome its effects. In line with the theme of the track, all proceeds from the single will be donated to The Alzheimer’s Society of Ireland.

In a swirling torrent of octave vocal harmonies and passionate piano playing, Memory grips you with its raw emotions and offers a glimpse into a life you may not otherwise experience. With crashing cymbals and heartfelt strings, it builds a dramatic and cinematic soundscape that will transport you right into the heart of the emotionally draining experience that it tackles, and the sheer intensity of the underlying feelings is sure to pierce through all of your protective walls and strike you at your vulnerable core to build a sympathy and empathy for all of those living with dementia.