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PREMIERE // THE K’S Unveil Massive New Single ‘TV’

Earlestown indie-punk quartet, The K’s, have unleashed an incendiary new single that may just be the cure to the isolation blues we’ve been searching for.

The Ks 2020

Following their career’s quantum leap in 2019, the band proves with TV that they have utilized that momentum to their advantage, advancing their songwriting skills and honing their craft amidst Covid.

With a captivating chorus and melody, backed by a tenacious yearning, The K’s channel the likes of early Arctic Monkeys with this new punk-soaked, dance-inducing song — one you’ll catch yourself humming at work and belting out behind closed doors.

Spirited and unforgettable, the close to three and a half minute track is a prime example of The K’s undeniable talent, their musicality a fervid vessel engulfed in rock and roll riffs, inexorable instrumentation and strapping vocals for a potent message on the digital age’s effects on modern society.

Frontman Jamie Boyle said this of the track’s meaning:

It’s about the way we are sold a completely blurred version of reality through the TV. They show us these “perfect” lives of celebrities and try to portray it as real life, but when you’re younger you tend to believe it and believe that’s the life that you should aim for. As you get older though you start to realise it’s all bollocks though.