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KRISTIAN GROSTAD Shares New Single ‘It’s Always You’

Kristian Grostad has just released the antidote to the overdone Top 40 love ballads.

Kristian Grostad 2020

The Norwegian singer-songwriter Kristian Grostad has offered up the heartfelt indie-folk hybrid, It’s Always You, and we are already swooning.

A shining reincarnation of indie-pop’s pinnacle in its golden era, the track masterfully blends acoustic strumming with vibrant and building ambients for a full-bodied and enveloping sound.

The line “You’re the sparks in my darkness,” from the first chorus releases a sudden burst of butterflies into your stomach and triggers a rush of fond first-love memories, while still maintaining a certain inarguable catchiness and relatability.

In regards to the song’s subject matter, Grostad had this to say:

[It] is an honest and straightforward song about love. It tells the story of a meeting between two people, describing the intensity of romance and the naive hopes / idea / dream of true and everlasting love.

Poetic and intense yet whimsical and folky, the fragrant with adoration lyrics, paired with Grostad’s endearing vocals have It’s Always You effortlessly gliding into your ears and straight to your heart.

Grostad is currently hard at work on his upcoming debut album, which is slated for a 2021 release.