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SÄTILÄ Reveals Video for New Single ‘4AM’

Whether you have mental health struggles, can’t sleep because you want to change, or you simply like feel-good indie pop, 4AM is for you.

Satila 2020

In debuting his new EP, on the verge of something, Finland’s Sätilä has also graced our radio waves with his new single 4AM. The upbeat pop track engages lively guitars and Sätilä’s handsome vocals. Gritty guitars keep listeners on their toes in the second half of the song – an addition that should seem out of place but fits seamlessly. Soaring vocals complement lyrics that are equal parts ‘chase your dreams’ inspiration and ‘change is terrifying’. In our present pandemic lockdowns, the lines “While my mind’s at war / And fear keeps wanting more / I’ll have to get up again / For a day I’ve lived before” hits home even more. With the release of 4AM, Sätilä has created a tune for everyone, transcending the borders that divide us with a deeply relatable message.

The accompanying video follows the lead character as he interpretive dances his way through the city, trying to escape his everyday confines. It is the perfect representation of 4AM’s lyrical content.

On the song Sätilä said:

The song tells of the moment at night when you don’t get a dream and worry about the future. In my own life, this has been more relevant again than ever before, because I just graduated from university and should now get a job in this crazy world. The transitions are sometimes the most difficult.