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LANCE TINGEY Releases Rousing New Single ‘Let’s Go Back’

Prepare to experience snappy synth sadness on Lance Tingey’s new single, Let’s Go Back.

Lance Tingey 2020

Individually, all the elements that make up Let’s Go Back will enamour you. Together, they’ll keep you coming back for more. Lance Tingey has created a spirited and sparkly single that is chock full of frustrating and disheartening emotion. Bubbly synths build the perfect base layer to support his hummable hook. “Let’s go back to the time when you would hold me close” is the harrowing cry for happier times. In a change of tone and pace, Tingey leaves the synths behind for the richness of the piano during the bridge, fully driving home the message. Let’s Go Back picks at the scabs of heartbreak in the best way possible.

On Let’s Go Back, Tingey said:

This is a pop song about the difficulties of a long-distance relationship – you’ll feel the push & pull between wanting to fight for a struggling relationship that you don’t want to end, while also wanting things to go back to how they once were.