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LUDIC Drop Playful Hit ‘Heart Emoji’

Blurring the lines between indie pop, 70’s funk, and 90’s boyband R&B, Ludic’s latest single, Heart Emoji, is merriment embodied.

Ludic 2020

Groovy bass and plucky guitars are just the tip of the funky iceberg that Ludic have uncovered with their new tune, Heart Emoji. It has the tempo and coolness associated with corduroy bellbottoms and roller skates with the overarching vibe of a nineties’ boyband. It is fun and playful with lyrics very much relatable in the present tense making Heart Emoji a warm, welcoming track from the Canadian trio. The video is drenched in neon and nostalgia, bringing the playfulness of Heart Emoji vividly to life through colour, VHS-esque editing, and retro references.

The band said on the song:

‘heart emoji’ is about the modern landscape of online dating and falling in love with someone through digital images, bios, and emojis. putting this to a 90s/2000s inspired RnB groove is what birthed the song and aesthetic.