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SKYLER COCCO Muses With Reflective New Single ‘The Drive’

Bringing a dreamy sound, Skyler Cocco creates the perfect conditions for you to lose your current inhibitions with The Drive and think about times past.

Skyler Cocco 2020

Born and raised New Yorker Skyler Cocco has spent much of her life reaping the joys that music can bring; when she was merely 11, she began experimenting on her dad’s digital 8-track, and from then on has only moved from strength to strength as she taught herself to play guitar, piano, and bass. Now, as a 20-something queer woman, Skyler draws upon her experiences and knowledge to craft a delicately soulful sound that will charm and resonate with many. In The Drive, she draws upon relaxed beats and breezy synths to create a hazy, dream-pop sound that feels like a sugar rush to cloud nine.

Lyrically, the track hints at a heavier undertone as Skyler explains:

I wrote ‘The Drive’ to reflect on a time where I’ve said things I didn’t mean to my partner or lashed out in a way that made them feel insecure in the relationship. It’s the cooldown period after a fight, where you take some space to really let your own words resonate and see where you were wrong in a situation, and realize what you’re putting at stake by not changing those behaviors. I really wanted to write a love song that felt vulnerable and showed my true intentions, that I can hold myself accountable and change for someone who I wouldn’t want to live without.

Yet beauty is always found between the light and the dark, and the balance struck by Skyler between her light accompaniment and weighted lyricism has definitely transformed The Drive into an irresistible and alluring track.