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CINDË Releases New Single ‘Running Yellows’

With smooth jazz vocals instantly reminiscent of Amy Winehouse, Cindë shares incredible new pop single Running Yellows

Cinde 2020

The soft and soulful vocals that appear on Running Yellows are provided by Toronto outfit Cindë and recalls the awareness of existing in a special moment before it turns into a wave of nostalgia. Filled with pop melodies, RnB patterns and jazz-infused vocals, the new track is a great representation of how Cindë is able to merge different styles of music together in order to create a euphoric experience for the listener. 

Speaking on the new track, Cindë shares:

This song is about knowing you’re in a special moment before it becomes nostalgic. Embracing the winded rush of a new love, knowing it won’t last forever. You know – the certain smell or the song that takes you back to a moment long ago? ‘That’ feeling. I wrote and produced the first version of this 3 years ago. It was a time where I felt all of that excitement with someone, along with the gut feeling that I should just enjoy this for what it is right now. It’s really cool releasing it now that the moment I wrote about is just that – a moment in the past.