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ARTEMIS ORION Opens Her Heart in Tender New Offering ‘midnight thoughts’

With a stripped back accompaniment and tugging vocals, midnight thoughts is the heartrending new single from Artemis Orion that you can’t help but feel sympathetic towards.

Artemis Orion 2020

Having grown up in rural Mississippi but residing now in Los Angeles, Artemis Orion has crafted a unique blend of lo-fi bedroom pop that will make you want to open up to her and share in the intimacy that she brings with her music. Without strictly abiding by any set genres, Artemis flitters between lo-fi, shoegaze, and bedroom indie pop to shape a dreamy and spellbinding sonic world that is distinctly hers. It’s a sound that is refreshing in how it gleans the best from her influences and melds them together mellifluously, and topped off by her heartfelt and honest lyricism, you will feel compelled to let down all of your guards against her.

Armed with a stripped back acoustic guitar accompaniment, Artemis creates a whimsical retreat in her newest single midnight thoughts that will soothe you with its airy melodies and lilting beats. Allowing her vocals to daintily float atop tinkering electronics, the lightness of the track is sure to melt away any and all heavy thoughts that are weighing you down. So do yourself a favour, brew yourself a warming cup of tea to enjoy the track with, and kick back to lose yourself in Artemis’ immersive sonic world.

Speaking on the release, Artemis Orion states:

‘midnight thoughts’ is about self reflection, evaluation, and honesty. Often we can get stuck in our own heads and just think about a lot of our life’s journey in what we’ve learned, how it’s impacted us, and if we’re living to our full potential.