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ZOË MOSS Debuts New Single ‘The Goddess’

The Goddess is simultaneously sexy, hedonistic, and suave, bringing heavy-hitter Zoë Moss to a new level.

Zoe Moss 2020

Oozing confidence and sensuality, The Goddess is a track that reverberates in your soul. Zoë Moss’ sweet, breathy vocals capture the flirtatious danger of new romance. Dark and brooding synths set the mood. There is an intensity rooting The Goddess to reality despite every effort made to be a fleeting fever dream. One line, subtle as it may be, sticks out: “strawberries and chlorine.” On the surface, this is nonsense strung together. But, in the greater context of the song, Moss has succinctly conveyed the symbolistic contrast between love and perfection, and toxic exposure.

Zoë described the song, saying:

‘The Goddess’ is an ode to the divine feminine. It’s an experimental chamber pop record, with dark sensuality. This song is about curiosity in all its forms, being playful and living in the moment.