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CARMODY Releases Tender New Single ‘Lives Apart’

Heartfelt vocals and delicate guitars make the latest single from Carmody, Lives Apart, a touching offering that you will want to give in to.


South Londoner Carmody continues to shape and build upon her local scene, one where she is an active member by playing an integral part in its formation and promotion, by releasing her newest single Lives Apart. The track is the third to be lifted from her upcoming EP, My Jupiter, which will see her tackling the human experience through exploring universal sentiments of grieving and loss. As a part of this whole, Lives Apart unpacks the difficulties of navigating relationships with loved ones, and the overcoming of rifts and changes that challenge the journey. Offering a comforting delivery through her distinctive airy tones, supple guitars and heartbeat-like pulses, Carmody creates a warm sound that you can seek solace in.

Explaining more of her inspirations behind the track, Carmody opens up:

I was really intrigued by how couples manage to stay in long-term relationships even as they evolve into different versions of who they were when they first fell in love. Originally it was a song about my relationship with my partner, seeing him in ‘another room’ and trying to feel out the new space between us and move with it. When I wrote the second verse I had recently lost my Dad, so it came to be about our relationship and the ‘other room’ as the afterlife. The chorus is about continuing the bond I have with both my partner and my dad but recognising the ‘new worlds’ that may appear around, or even between, us. There are so many undercurrents continually whirling beneath every relationship and sometimes it’s hard to acknowledge the changes that occur and catch them before people drift away from each other. This becomes particularly difficult when they have passed away, but I’m working on it…