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GLASS WAVES Share Gritty New Single ‘Do It Again’

With punchy and hooking melodies, the pulsing emotion of Do It Again is sure to fire you up.

Glass Waves 2020

Hailing from North Wales and Liverpool, Glass Waves are a new act to grace the alternative music scene with their sophomore single Do It Again. Their newness couldn’t be gleaned just from simply listening to the track though, as they fire punchy guitar lines and hooking choruses with such zeal and fervour that you cannot help but feel fired up alongside. They build upon the established genre of rock in a refreshing way, creating a sound that neatly slots in amidst the wider picture yet still has enough innovative elements to mark the band out as unique and modern.

With hard-hitting instrumentals that pack on a full-bodied sound, the track completely engulfs around you for a visceral listening experience. A stunning guitar bridge charges full-steam ahead through a grounding bass line, before creating contrast by dropping away and building up to a final climax. Letting loose an unrestrained performance with the final searing chorus, soaring vocals send sparks flying with and convey an abyss of turbulent emotions that gives the track its edge and stamps down its impact upon you.