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THE CATALINA Share Honest New Offering ‘Easy Drinking’

With a heartfelt pop sound, The Catalina navigate through confused emotions and attempted self-medication in their latest track Easy Drinking.

The Catalina 2020

Minneapolis pop-rock trio The Catalina are not alone in their conflicting feelings on whether or not, and how they should act upon confusing and overwhelming emotions. Their latest single, Easy Drinking, touches upon this topic and is lifted from their forthcoming debut EP Love Somebody.

Exploring the allure of searching for a quick fix by drinking to forget, the helplessness that threads the song together is a familiar feeling as we all grapple with difficult emotions in all of our lives, whether that’s through a conflict with loved ones, or through the ending of relationships. Singing, ‘it’s hard to stay when I don’t want you to go. It’s easy drinking when I’m drinking alone’, this search for a remedy is one that is sure to resonate with many. Combine the universal theme of the lyricism with their dreamy sound, created by swathing synths and dappling guitars, and The Catalina have created a fail-safe formula in Easy Drinking that will draw you in.

Speaking more about the lyrical inspiration, the band shares:

This lyric was inspired by a memory of sitting on a bed alone after a hard break up, and feeling so numb that I wasn’t sure if I was ever going to be okay again. Anyone that’s been in that situation knows that’s it’s easy to find yourself turning to self-medication, because there’s no one to tell you to stop and everything seems to go down a bit easier when you’re alone.

We believe that music can be a powerful tool in helping people to become aware of their situations, allowing them to learn from the experiences of others, and possibly not feel so alone in a moment when they truly are. This song is us reaching out to that one person and letting them know that we’ve been there too, … and it’ll get better.