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CARAVÃNA SUN Release New Track ‘Afterlife’

Australian surf-rockers, Caravãna Sun, will have you contemplating the most profound questions of the universe with their newest single Afterlife.

Caravana Sun 2020

With a more tuned down sound, akin to AM-era Arctic Monkeys, the track may feel laid-back however, its cavernous lyrics are anything but.

Sparking philosophical thoughts on what follows this fleeting life, the song’s rich tones, perky guitar licks and vocal harmonies make it the catchy and upbeat elevator music you only hope to hear when awaiting your fate in limbo.

Vocalist, Luke Carra had this to say in regards to Afterlife:

I feel there is light and darkness in this song, classic Yin and Yang. I sing the verses which are  darker and cryptic, while Ant sings the choruses, which are lighter and more uplifting, asking the question if the  afterlife exists.