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BLANKS Releases Infectious New Single ‘oh no’

Chasing dreams can be hard, but they’re made that little bit easier when they’re soundtracked by Blanks’ newest song oh no.

Blanks 2020

Remember that blissful euphoria you felt when ~that~ song came on the radio over the summer with your friends? The sheer joy you felt as the music waves transported you to a joyous world, free from pressure and hardships? Well, Blanks certainly remembers that feeling fondly, and he strives to recreate it with every track that he releases. And boy does he do it well with his newest single, oh no.

Despite the title, oh no will have you experiencing anything but dread – between the uplifting melodies and the energetic drumming, it’s sunshine in musical form, without a single cloud to block out its penetrating rays. Although it explores the difficulties that inevitably comes with every dream we try to chase, it transforms the challenging feeling into a motivational charge that will leave you feeling refreshed and re-energised to keep pursuing your goals. Through a carefree bass line, hooking vocals and light electronics, Blanks crafts a sound that embodies the warmth of summer nights with friends, and the pleasure we derive from such quality time spent with the ones we love.