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MONTICOLOMBI Unveils Groovy New Cut ‘Pavement’

With lush textures and hints of jazziness, Pavement is a slice of delight that we didn’t realise was missing from our lives until we heard it.

Monticolombi 2020

Paying homage to his Italian roots with his musical alias Monticolombi, Jamie Hicks is the mastermind behind this musical project that combines R&B, hip-hop, and jazz sensibilities to remind the world of the light amidst the negative static. Having previously established himself as the frontman of Stretch Soul Gang, Jamie embarks on a solo endeavour with Monticolombi after he recovered from a serious heart condition, seeking to share his wisdom of finding the positive in a difficult situation. With Pavement, his sophomore single, he does just that by creating a blissful sonic corner that you can always retreat to.

Melding together a myriad of influences, Pavement brims with creativity and innovation and presents a luscious sound that you cannot help but relax into. Whether its the charming piano harmonies, the laid-back bass, or the nimble hi-hat work, the result is a nimble accompaniment that lifts any weight or burden that you’re feeling and dissipates them into thin air. Speaking more on the track, Monticolombi says:

‘Pavement’ is a product of lockdown. After being surrounded by overwhelming negativity in the outside world, all I wanted to do was create a little piece of happiness to help people to hurdle the issues of the day-to-day with ease. Produced by Steven Bamidele and featuring Caswell, this euphoric track is made to make you smile.