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With an emotional right-hook that’s forceful enough to knock you out, BROTHER is the touching latest track from Blackout Problems.

Blackout Problems 2020

Munich’s rock four-piece Blackout Problems are back with another single from their forthcoming album DARK, which is set for release on January 15th. BROTHER is a brooding, emotionally-laden cut that swipes at you with its ferocious guitars and unyielding intensity; with an explosive post-chorus as the instruments fly into a frenzy, you would be hard-pressed not to feel some of the emotions bleeding across from the speakers into your heart.

Explaining more of the lyrical inspiration behind the track, singer and guitarist Mario Radetzky shares:

I couldn’t believe it’d been five years since I last saw one of my best friends from school, so I picked up the phone. We started talking and automatically picked up the conversation where we probably left it off a few years ago, except life had completely changed for the both of us.

We had both driven our big post-school relationships into madness, went through a hole afterwards and did the whole growing up thing apart from one another – “There’s more to love if you do it, brother“ – Growing up together and growing apart from each other when life and love throws things at you is what our song ‘BROTHER’ is about.