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ELIO Unveils Touching New Single ‘hurts 2 hate somebody’

Combining a catchy pop sensibility with unfiltered lyricism, hurts 2 hate somebody is the millennial anthem for getting over ~that~ person that’s pissed you off.

Elio 2020

Toronto musician ELIO is here again to offer you more hope and consolation for all of your growing up pains and tribulations. We can all think of someone we wish we never met and harbour feelings of resentment for, but her newest track hurts 2 hate somebody will help you to be able to begin moving on and forgetting about past wrongs. The track is lifted off her forthcoming EP, Can You Hear Me Now, set for release next year. Blending 80s synth influences with her signature soothing vocals, hurts 2 hate somebody is an uplifting cut that will leave you with a newfound acceptance and determination to continue living and thriving.

Sharing more on the track, ELIO opens up:

‘hurts 2 hate somebody’ is a track about moving on from resenting someone or even a situation. I’m naturally a very pessimistic person, I’ve really had to train my mind to not jump to the worst thing that could possibly happen or just assume someone hates me right off the bat. It gets to a point where you get so tired of being miserable that it’s more harmful to yourself than to the person you hate. It’s really not worth the energy, and when you realize that, you begin to recognize it in other people. I feel like it’s so trendy to have a bad attitude, or to be too cool to care for people but hate is so toxic for yourself and everyone around you, go be happy, put the good energy out and it’ll come back.

The video for ‘hurts 2 hate somebody’ is set at a high school because it’s the clearest place and time of everyone’s life to depict how hate really looks, immature and thoughtless. Our world is filled with resentful and hateful adults, just as immature as a high school student. People think we grow out of spitefulness, we become wiser as we get older but it’s simply not true. I look back on my time in high school, all the fights and drama, the bullies, the gossiping. It was trivial but it caused me so much stress at the time, I can’t imagine how much more I could’ve done with that time if I just let people be, what goes around comes around.