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OSCAR WELSH Reveals Visuals for New Single ‘Avery’

Newcomer Oscar Welsh offers up a tender slice of lo-fi bedroom pop with his new single Avery.

Oscar Welsh

18-year-old, Suffolk-born Oscar Welsh continues to delight his listeners with his dreamy melodies and candid lyricism as he shares yet another luscious track. Full of youthful charm and affection, Avery shimmers with gentle instrumentals and flickering beats, topped with hazy vocals that tell a heartfelt story of fondness and fascination. The song is accompanied by vintage-styled visuals, directed and edited by Oscar Welsh himself, that capture the serenity and pure bliss of fleeting moments perfectly.

Speaking on the new release, Oscar Welsh shares:

This song is about a girl called Avery. Avery is that individual who giggles when she’s not meant to. She has no appreciation of sincerity and manners, and that’s exactly what I like about her. The song was written and produced in my room, with my new dalmatian puppy sitting at my feet trying to chew my ankles, that’s why I decided to call my dog ‘Avery’ too.