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EMMA MCGRATH Releases Stripped Down New Single ‘Getaway Train’

Getaway Train is the achingly honest piano ballad from Emma McGrath that allows her vocal prowess and emotional songwriting to shine through.

Emma McGrath 2020

20-year-old Emma McGrath has shown herself to be a formidable force despite her tender age, having already collected a host of accolades under her belt including the PRS Lynsey de Paul prize for songwriting and supporting Melanie Martinez on her UK tour. A listen to her newest single Getaway Train can show you why; with a sweeping emotional core and heartbreaking vocals, Emma brings her powerful voice and all-encapsulating songwriting to the forefront.

The single comes with the announcement of Emma’s new EP, Settled In Motion (Silent Minds Pt. 3), which is set to be released on 15th January 2021. Getaway Train is a hint of what’s to come, as it details the isolating feelings that can accompany the experience of chasing your dreams and passions. Sharing more about the track, Emma reveals:

This is probably the oldest song from this EP and it takes me back to the time where I was feeling like music was always in the way of everything else in life. I was so in love with music but it was a complicated relationship. I wrote and recorded the song after an argument with my mum. We ended up using the original demo vocals and arrangement which felt really nice. I remember having to sing it really quietly because everyone was in bed. It’s a sad song but it captured that moment of my life really well.