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SoSo fauX Stun With New Single ‘yours 2 keep (if you don’t want me)’

Have you ever pined after someone even when you know that they don’t harbour the same intensity of attraction? Well, yours 2 keep (if you don’t want me) is going to be your anthem for every time you catch those feelings.

SoSo fauX 2020

As they release their second ever single yours 2 keep (if you don’t want me), now is as good a time as any to get to know the dynamic new duo SoSo fauX. A collaboration between childhood friends Andreas Thordenberg and Nicolai Kjellberg, the pair started writing and producing together in 2019 after having been separately involved with the music industry. Sharing a passion to continually challenge musical boundaries and evolve beyond expectations, their drive to create evocative and visceral music sees them moulding the past and the future to create a sound that is nostalgically familiar yet distinctively modern.

With their new single yours 2 keep (if you don’t want me), playful guitars chime alongside glittering synth textures and rhythmic bass lines to create an irresistibly charming sound that will get you up on your feet, dancing and singing along. Alluring falsetto tones further add to the cheekiness of the track, complementing the tongue-in-cheek lyricism of wholeheartedly devoting yourself to someone who doesn’t reciprocate those feelings. For everyone who has ever felt like they have been disposable yet still couldn’t ignore the red flags to continue romantically pursuing someone, this is the track for you.