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BEKA Reunites With HONNE for ‘More Than Friends’

Soul artist on the rise, BEKA, is back again with a brand new ballad that will make you feel like the lead character in an indie rom-com from the 80s.


BEKA’s soft and airy register alongside HONNE’s longing lofi musicality gives More Than Friends the ability to adapt and become the soundtrack to the story of anyone’s first-love.

Immediately flooding your veins with nostalgia, the song’s musical weightless whimsy paired with the palpable yearning felt between BEKA and Andy Clutterbuck’s vocals airlifts listeners to adolescence – blanketing them in the warm and fuzzy feelings of a fresh fling.

From the moment your eyes meet, to the playful flirting and finally the fireworks of a first kiss, BEKA and HONNE are able to not only awaken, but orchestrate, the butterflies in your stomach while you ride along this romantic rollercoaster of a track that is packed with pining guitar licks, love-lorn lyrics and swooning ambience.

When it comes to the creation process behind the track, BEKA shared:

‘More Than Friends’ started after thinking back to being 18 and telling someone I’d made a mistake and wanted to be more than friends. We wanted to capture the nostalgia of being young, taking a risk and saying what you really feel. ‘More Than Friends’ is the moment we risk as teenagers and long for as adults.

From a production standpoint, HONNE had this to add:

From a production point of view it was all about spending time finding the right synth sounds and making them sound as warm, bendy and nostalgic as possible. Trying to make the sounds conjure up images of night drives and warm glowing lights from houses and street lamps.