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FINN BLACKLAWS Makes Debut With ‘Long Dinner’

Exploring unfulfilled dreams and goal pursuance, the feelings expressed by Finn Blacklaws in Long Dinner are sure to resonate with listeners.

Finn Blacklaws 2020

What do you wish to be doing with your life? If it’s something different from what you are currently doing, then you’re not alone – Finn Blacklaws explores similar frustrations about chasing dreams in his debut single Long Dinner. Wishing that he could be doing something else that is not waiting tables, he muses upon these sentiments in the track and begrudgingly accepts the frustrating mismatch between his current reality and his ideal. However, he takes the first step to realising his dream as a musician by putting pen to paper with Long Dinner, and with a hooking guitar accompaniment to guide you along, he should feel confident in considering himself a musician.

Finn shares the inspiration behind the track, saying:

‘Long Dinner’ was written after I met an actress at the Evening Standard Theatre Awards in London. I was a wine waiter, and she was receiving an award. Months later I get a link from her to a Vogue Magazine article in which I’m mentioned as “the wine waiter”. Somehow, this cut close to the bone, because I see myself as more than a waiter, but many of those who I serve see only that side of me. ‘Long Dinner’ is about the daydreams of my future that I lapse into while working. They keep the hope of becoming a full-time musician one day alive.