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NATALIYA NIKITENKO Shares Poignant New Single ‘Oil & Water’

Making her debut as a single musician, Nataliya Nikitenko strikes at your emotional core with Oil & Water.

Nataliya Nikitenko 2020

Born in Ukraine, raised in Australia, before now settling in Los Angeles, Nataliya Nikitenko has had her fair share of seeing the world through various perspectives and gaining life experience. With this lived wisdom and maturity, it therefore comes as no surprise that her debut single, Oil & Water, is an emotionally-charged piece that stuns with its heartfelt songwriting. The track marks the first step taken by Nataliya to step out from behind the scenes and embark on a journey as a solo musician, after her past of penning tracks for others including No More Sad Songs by Little Mix featuring Machine Gun Kelly, and Heavy by Anne-Marie.

Stripping back to a simplistic yet sweeping piano accompaniment, Nataliya’s grounded vocals carry the body of the track, and delivers a poignant performance that will allow you to experience the full extent of feelings that courses through Nataliya. Exploring the feeling of incompatibility in romantic relationships, Nataliya further explains her inspiration and shares:

‘Oil & Water’ will always separate. No matter how hard you try. Deep down I knew that about the relationship I was in long before I was out of it.