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LIMÓN LIMÓN Share Tropical New Single ‘Away’

Limón Limón kick off 2021 with a groovy slice of tropical pop, Away.

Limon Limon 2020

Entering the new year with a renewed energy and a revived passion, the LA-based duo, Limón Limón, offer up a much needed escape with their brand new single, Away. Fuelled by tropical beats and exotic instrumentals, Away captures the essence of the wanderlust and the fascination with the unknown. With its swaying rhythm slowly taking over your body, this feel-good track is sure to bring sunshine and positivity to your day.

Speaking on the new single, the duo explains:

‘Away’ is about answering the instinctive call deep in our souls that makes us want to travel, expand our lives and explore new places; longing to write the next chapter of life and step into the unknown.