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CELIIN Unveils Emotional New Cut ‘Marilyn (Undressed)’

Stripping back to vocals and piano, CELIIN delivers a poignant performance for the acoustic version of her track Marilyn.

celiin 2020

Norwegian musician CELIIN floats between various offsets of pop, dabbling in an enigmatic sound that evokes the rich vocal tones of Lana del Rey and combines it with cinematic melodies inspired by classical music composers. Lying between romance and depression, CELIIN plays upon time-old themes and gives them a modern update within her sonic world. The result is an intensely atmospheric sound that is harnessed with energy and stirring with emotion, and this is particularly evident as she strips back for her latest release Marilyn (Undressed).

Giving the track an acoustic treatment, the raw feelings anchoring the track are brought to the forefront in an impassioned performance where ardent vocals and heartrending piano fuse together in a stormy blend. The lyrics bring out a hopeless narrative, as CELIIN questions the potentially self-destructive nature of the pursuit of beauty as she desperately grasps for an answer to the question ‘if beautiful things don’t ask for attention, why do I feel the need to scream?’. Prompting an introspective reflection with her questioning, the themes of the track will stay long with you, even after the last of the melody line has dissipated.