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THE NEW TWENTYS Share New Single ‘I Never’

The New Twentys offer up a great dose of indie magic with their second single I Never.

The New Twentys 2021

Consisting of brothers Harry and Jimmy Morris, and Chris Bourne, The New Twentys formed in the summer of 2019. With a rousing sound and a breezy spirit, the band continues to make waves as they kick off 2021 in full force and share a follow-up to their debut single, Inside Out. Tinged with a classic rock nostalgia and a new wave flavour, I Never shapes to be yet another indie anthem from the trio. On I Never, effervescent guitars and galloping drums blend together masterfully, coalescing into a hazy dream where crisp instrumentation plays against the warm vocals. A tale “about redemption and self-empowerment in the midst of a breakup”, I Never brings a fresh energy to the music scene, painting The New Twentys as an exciting new talent to keep an eye on.

Speaking on the new single, the band shares:

When you try your absolute hardest to make things work in a relationship where the goalposts are constantly being moved and no matter what you do, it is still not enough. You break away from the prolonged agony and eventually realise that there’s a horizon through the disaster of heartache, where you can come out more independent and stronger than before.