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THE BLUE STONES Announce New Album ‘Hidden Gems’

Canadian rock duo The Blue Stones have released the new single from their highly anticipated sophomore album, Hidden Gems, and if Spirit is any indication of what is to come — then you better be excited. 

The Blue Stones 2021

The four-minute track is riddled with fuzz-steeped guitar, intergalactic synth, ardent percussion and one hell of a catchy chorus. Dubbed by the band as “ping pong for the psyche” Spirit is said to be about being torn between two selves, which is emulated perfectly by the desert-space rock soundscape that take you on a substance and travel free trip into their minds.

Noisy reverb collides head on with warm and hearty vocals, to put the Blue(s) in The Blue Stones securing their spot next to prominent blues duos such as The Black Keys and fuzzy alt-lords Death From Above 1979. If this track is any indication what their new album has in store for fans, Hidden Gems is one to keep an ear out for. The album is set for release on March 19th.

In regards to the song, vocalist/guitarist Tarek Jafar had this to share:

I’ve always felt a little torn between two selves. The person who does what he should, and the other who does what he wants. It’s ping pong for the psyche, and I’ve played it extensively this past year. I’d like to consider myself a normal, contributing member to society; and that’s only true because I let myself indulge in the ‘wants’ every now and then. That’s what letting your spirit play is.