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JONAH Share Stunning New Track ‘Fallin’’

Evoking lush memories of warm days and summer nights, JONAH soothe your soul with Fallin’.

Jonah 2021

German duo Angelo Mammone and Christian Steenken have been slowly building a name for themselves with their musical project JONAH, which has seen success since its early days as their first single All We Are achieved over 30 million streams on Spotify alone. Fallin’ is the duo’s dreamy new single that, while slower than what we may have been accustomed to, is no less impactful and charismatic. Gently plucked guitars set the accompaniment to tender vocals, painting a tranquil and evocative picture that rouses your innermost core with its echoing sounds.

Describing the track as making you “want to reach the horizon with a loved one, without thinking about today, or tomorrow”, the track provides this escape through overflowing synths and delicately-placed electronics that melt together in a warm swirl of sound. The octave vocals offer a freedom through their airiness, making you feel like you are floating alongside the high notes and without any constraint. The dappling textures create a sense of wonder and marvel, as the simplicity of the piece manages to stir unspeakable emotion into listeners.