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SIMONE Shares Vibrant New Track ‘Kissing Strangers’

Bouncing with energy, Kissing Strangers is the irresistible new release from Simone.

Simone 2021

New York-based Simone has been dabbling in music from her early years; by the age of 10, she had already appeared in various musicals, and by her teenage years, she was writing and performing her own songs. Now, at the age of 16, she’s cultivated a following of fans who can relate to not only her youthful energy and ambitious drive, but also her self-deprecating sense of humour and the candid way she weaves her reality into her music. Her newest single Kissing Strangers is the perfect example of this combination, with bubbly sonics soundtracking a more personal exploration of navigating love and the confusion that can arise from it.

Speaking about the track, Simone shares:

‘Kissing Strangers’ is inspired by one of my all-time favorite shows, “New Girl”. There is an on-again-off-again relationship between two of the main characters, and I ended up writing from the guy’s point of view, who initiated one of their splits. The song is about messing up something that you wanted so bad, regretting it every second, and doing anything to get this person back. So you go out and try to make them jealous by kissing random people at parties (because somehow that’s gonna make them fall in love with you again, right?).