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BAD IDEA Share Dreamy New Single ‘Happy’

Happy is the latest dream-pop offering from Bad Idea.

Bad Idea 2021

Leeds-based Bad Idea began their repertoire after a drunken night back in 2016, and completed the lineup with new members in 2019 which helped refine and develop their sound and ideas. In 2020, during the first lockdown, the band put out their debut EP, the ironically titled I Just Want To Go Home, the first solid piece of music since they formed as a four-piece. Bad Idea started their 2021 with the fuzzy-pop single Winter, and have just released their new single, the dreamy, lovely Happy.

Happy is a slow, somewhat lo-fi track that carries the ability to make the listener just sway, sinking into the moment. Although the tone of the track would say otherwise, it actually is about being happy – the ballad reflects on the positive thoughts experienced following a depressive period. Very much romanticising the emotion of happiness through the use of dreamy vocals and beautiful guitar hooks, Happy is a stunning following-on from the cold, expensive, dark winter regaled in the previous track.

Vocalist Sarah Sefton commented:

Songwriting is what we’ve been left with this year, and ‘Happy’ encapsulates that sense of meditation and catharsis that we’ve been able to unleash onstage.