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JESSIE LEE Shares New Single ‘Body Sings’

Body Sings is the electro-tinged indie-pop song from Jessie Lee.

Jessie Lee 2021

Canadian-based singer-songwriter Jessie Lee released her debut EP, First Love, in 2017, then seemingly disappeared off the face of the earth. Not so, as she kept busy writing and preparing to share her well-loved message of reflection and romance with the world. She’s jumped back straight into the swing of things, now in 2021, and has just dropped her latest single, Body Sings, a collaboration with producer Daniel Espina.

Light, fluffy, and inspirational, Body Sings is a somewhat electronic take on classic lo-fi, bedroom indie pop, which packs the track with a little extra something. Written about falling in love, true love, and finding a real connection with someone in which you completely feel alive, the single is carried by Jessie’s angelic vocals and catchy, electro-pop melodies. A beacon of love, light, and hope, Jessie Lee has created the perfect feel-good love song.