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PREMIERE // WARREN THOMAS FENZI Shares New Single ‘If I Had A Dime’

Wrapped up in warm melodic tones, If I Had A Dime is a glimpse of Warren Thomas Fenzi’s unique storytelling.

Warren Thomas Fenzi 2021

If I Had A Dime is the first single lifted off Warren Thomas Fenzi‘s upcoming dual-album, Garden Street. Comprising of intriguing stories and personal introspection, the project is set to delve into the duality and complexity of life.

The newest single, If I Had A Dime finds the multi-instrumentalist musing over the end of a longtime relationship. With an alt rock tinge to the sound, the song glistens with dreamy guitar tones that evoke a deep sense of nostalgia and yearning for the understanding of the human nature. As Fenzi’s tender vocals guide the listener through the captivating tale, his distinctive narrative style truly shines through.

Speaking on the new release, Warren Thomas Fenzi shares:

Inspired by the ending of a longtime friendship, ‘If I Had A Dime’ reflects on a conversation between our narrator and a character named Polly. What starts out as self examination, quickly turns into a blame-game, leaving the listener with a question rather than an answer. The song capitalizes on the emotional disunion we often find ourselves in when trying to accept the duality of a disagreement.

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