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NUNS OF THE TUNDRA Share New Single ‘C’est La Vie’

Noise rock meets pop, C’est La Vie is a fast-paced burner of a track that will have you slipping into a pre-Covid dreamstate from the first note of fuzzed-out feedback.

Nuns Of The Tundra 2021

Bristol-based quartet Nuns Of The Tundra have released the lead single C’est La Vie, from their upcoming EP, The World’s Gone Crazy And So Have I, due out March 19th – and it may be the cure to your concert blues.

Thick bass tones, thundering drums and flashy guitar work collide to create a myriad of sounds and an incendiary energy that is as invigorating as the feeling of being in a mosh-pit with sweaty kindred spirits, and as refreshing as your first sip of an over-priced ale from the bar cart in the corner.

Real lyrics and a catchy chorus that encapsulate the slip from sanity we have all felt in isolation act as the final blow, instilling in listeners the same palpable excitement and freedom felt in the moments leading up to seeing a band like Nuns Of The Tundra hit the stage in an overcrowded show hall.

With all of this and more, the band stays true to their musical philosophy of loosening hips and blowing off faces, leaving us eagerly awaiting the drop of the final two tracks from the EP.