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BOY DESTROY Shares New Single ‘Beautiful Crimes’

Swedish rising star Boy Destroy reflects on a toxic relationship in his atmospheric new single Beautiful Crimes.

Boy Destroy 2021

Gearing up for the release of his debut EP, Warpaint, due April 15th, Boy Destroy offers up yet another exciting taste with Beautiful Crimes.

With a tinge of melancholia to his sound, Boy Destroy pairs alt-pop sensibilities with R&B leaning production on his latest track. Brooding and confessional, Beautiful Crimes glistens with subtle, twinkling electronics and wistful vocals gracefully gliding over a sulky beat. The song finds the artist musing over a past relationship, crafting a tale of hedonism and decadence in the digital age in a truly captivating and emotionally revealing way.

Speaking on the new single, Boy Destroy shares:

Everybody longs for connection. Togetherness. A need that can be fulfilled with flesh or love or peace or whatever. I used to be in a twisted relationship with a person that I didn’t really love, but I said I did. I wasn’t a very good person to her but I made it look like I was. I wasn’t faithful and I felt like the devil, but then and there it felt like it was exactly how it should be. She hates me now, and I deserve it. You can fix yourself if you’re lucky.