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GOODVIBES SOUND Release New Single ‘Stay For One More Night’

Duo Goodvibes Sound provide all the good vibes in their new disco-esque track, Stay For One More Night.

Goodvibes Sound 2021

London-based Goodvibes Sound are “your soundtrack to the all-seeing, all-knowing, all-feeling collective subconscious,” and they have been writing and creating together since the end of 2019. Last year saw the release of the pair’s first two singles, Beachside Living and Sane Or Sinner – both summery disco-pop singles that have introduced the boys into the scene, gaining them 10,000 monthly Spotify listeners. Not bad, for your first few months in the industry.

Now in 2021, Goodvibes Sound are back with Stay For One More Night, a single of a similar essence to the previous two but with a ramped up confidence and more upbeat melodies. Think Miami-beach-hut-on-summer-nights; it’s a smooth, warm, danceable track. The lyrics, however, portray big city blues, but the way in which Stay For One More Night has been put together provides a comfort to listeners.

Alex from Goodvibes Sound commented:

‘Stay For One More Night’ deals with the feelings of isolation that arise when you’re living in the city. Sometimes you find yourself being convinced to go and do stuff, just to stave off those feelings of loneliness when you’d rather just rest and chill at home.