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VALLEY Release New Bop ‘SOCIETY’

Valley reflect on their music career in their new heavy-hitter SOCIETY.

valley society

Toronto’s finest, Valley return with a cut of alt-pop brilliance in the form of SOCIETY. Opening up about the pressure of the music industry, the quartet effortlessly pairs euphoric soundscapes with unfiltered lyrics. On SOCIETY, soft pop vocals playfully dance atop a shimmering texture, coalescing into a sun-drenched dream filled with irresistible beats and sweeping choruses. With pop culture references added to the mix, SOCIETY is sure to leave the most lasting impression as Valley once again prove that their blissful music has a deeper meaning.

Speaking on the new single, Rob Laska explains:

‘SOCIETY’ tells a story of how our career can sometimes feel. We exist within an ever-changing creative industry full of opinions and music machines making everything go round. At times, what you truly have to say as an artist can feel diminished or not as important when it comes to the context of making a product or something that people will label as ‘sellable’ and ‘listenable’. At the end of the day, ‘SOCIETY’ is Valley accepting the terms and conditions of our identity, songs and career, the fact that we’ll never be able to please everyone but also coming to terms that no matter what the public considers to be a ‘hit,’ we tell ourselves we’re always going to follow our own artistic arrow.