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TADHG DALY Shares Ardent New Single ‘Your Heart’s Not In It’

Opening up about his inner thoughts, Your Heart’s Not In It is the heartfelt offering from Tadhg Daly.

Tadhg Daly

London-based musician Tadhg Daly shares his compelling new single, Your Heart’s Not In It as he lays his heart bare on his sleeve for an impassioned discussion. The Jersey-born, Irish singer shows his mastery of conjuring emotions and pen an affecting track, as he slowly but surely builds the accompaniment, before an explosive version of the chorus rips through and takes everything to the next level. With soaring vocals and varying guitars, the track is a journey from start to finish, visiting both the highs and the lows to offer a reasoned and reflective approach on how to handle the feelings at the end of a relationship.

Sharing more about this, Tadhg mentions:

‘Your Heart’s Not In It’ is written as the end of a love story based on some of my own experiences. It represents the moment at the end of a relationship in which one person has fallen out of love but hasn’t made their feelings clear, and the other person is left on the hook just wanting to hear the final words and find freedom to move on.