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Monthly Archives: October 2021

Emery Kelly

EMERY KELLY Shares Debut Single ‘Gotta Know’

Bringing a wistful indie-pop sound, Emery Kelly charms with his debut single Gotta Know. LA-based singer-songwriter, producer and actor Emery Kelly makes his debut with emotive indie-pop cut, Gotta Know. A reflection on love, the track pairs shimmering electronics with an acoustic guitar to create

Fight The Fade

FIGHT THE FADE Share New Single ‘Buried’

Fight The Fade abandon their self-critical past and embrace a kind future in Buried. Midwest’s five-piece rock band Fight The Fade take on the past yet again and unleash another motivational and inspirational banger Buried, aspiring to move on to a brighter and kinder future.

Robert Grace 2021

Artist Of The Week // ROBERT GRACE

Exploring the all-too-common feeling of reconnecting with your ex after a few too many drinks, Break The Silence is the relatable new single from Robert Grace. We’ve all either been there ourselves, or heard tales about it; two people break up over a toxic relationship,

The Regrettes 2021

THE REGRETTES Return With Resounding Single ‘Monday’

With electrifying guitar riffs and intense drums from the outset, this track is the musical epitome of an existential crisis – but with an audibly uplifting twist. Consisting of lead singer-songwriter Lydia Night, guitarist Genessa Gariano, bassist Brooke Dickson and drummer Drew Thomsen, The Regrettes

Eiza Murphy 2021

EIZA MURPHY Unveils New Single ‘Movies’

Bringing an element of daydream and fantasy into her music, Movies is the charming latest track from Eiza Murphy. Have you ever wished that you lived a different life? Or wondered how you would do things differently if you could control the aspects of your


RIVER Release New Single ‘Dance In The Darkness’

With a compelling beat and emotionally-driven, Dance in the Darkness is the gripping sophomore single from RIVER. Hamburg-based duo RIVER are back with their sophomore single Dance In The Darkness, following a raucous and cheeky introduction with Inappropriate. This time, they shift the gear and

OAKLND strangers

OAKLND Releases New Single ‘STRANGERS’

Shimmering with dream-pop tones, OAKLND’s soothing latest single combines exquisite sonics with gracefully gentle vocals. Emerging alt-pop artist OAKLND is renowned for blending indie The 1975-esque sensibilities with hazy synth pop which is reminiscent of LANY’s sound. Supported by industry critics such as EARMILK, CLASH,