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MARLOW Releases Driving New Single ‘Fade In’

With an understated urgency and a pulsating bass thrum, Fade In is the captivating new single from Marlow.


Originating from Sussex, Marlow are a rising alternative-indie band who are making their way onto the scene’s radars, as they share their own emotion-fraught brand of indie that burns with a subtle urgency and understated drive. Sharing their newest single, Fade In, they capture our hearts with their longing tone and bruising textures. They provide a sound with hints of the British indie-style a la Sam Fender and Blossoms, while still remaining distinctly themselves with less grandiosity and a more nuanced exigency.

The track deals with the feelings of being on the outskirts of social settings, as you drift between conversations without necessarily striking up any meaningful connection. In the words of the band, “Fade In is about the feeling of being on the outside of a conversation, or social scene – drifting in, and then drifting back out again.” As the lyrics waver back and forth between ‘fade in, fade out’ in the chorus, the sonic pull and push reflects the swells to make for a gripping and visceral listening. With the soaring vocals pulling at an emotional core, the instrumentals also press on the tension for a doubled effect of building suspense, before the ending finally buckles and gives way in a satisfying resolution.