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Daily Archives: November 2, 2021


MARLOW Releases Driving New Single ‘Fade In’

With an understated urgency and a pulsating bass thrum, Fade In is the captivating new single from Marlow. Originating from Sussex, Marlow are a rising alternative-indie band who are making their way onto the scene’s radars, as they share their own emotion-fraught brand of indie

Holding Absence - O2 Academy 2 Oxford - GIG GOER 2021

Live: HOLDING ABSENCE // O2 Academy, Oxford

Capturing human emotion and connection in one of its purest forms, Holding Absence brought a rousing performance to Oxford to electrify our souls on Friday night. It’s a Friday night before Halloween in Oxford, so you can imagine the scene; there are students bumbling about,


LEXMO Shares New Single ‘Think Of Me’

Forlornly personal and carefully paced, Think Of Me is the latest heartbreaking ballad from LexMo. Emerging Venezuelan, Miami-raised multidisciplinary artist LexMo wears her heart on her sleeve in her new pop stunner, Think Of Me. With a touch of melancholic sweetness to the sound, LexMo creates a