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SARPA SALPA Release New Single ‘Somebody’

Bringing an irresistible energy, Sarpa Salpa tempt you to get your dancing shoes on with Somebody.

Sarpa Salpa 2022

UK-based quartet Sarpa Salpa kick off with their first track of 2022 with Somebody, a track that promises great things for the band in this coming year. Drawing inspiration from a wide range of musical influences, the four members have taken their individual preferences and collated them into one unique sound that offers a charm like no other. Having evolved this sound through their past releases, Somebody sees the band in their most polished form to date, with tantalising indie melodies and highly danceable rhythms that you can’t resist tapping along to. The vocals bring a searing energy as they slice through layers of syncopated basses and bouncy electronics, striking directly to compel you to move.

Speaking more on the track, vocalist Marcus Marooth shares:

‘Somebody’ is a final goodbye to an old friend after 7 years together, it’s the summary of realisation that we weren’t meant to be and that we are both happier and better off where we are today. It’s a token of thanks and respect to what was as we both head down new paths and better lives. It’s also self reflective in my flaws in my past relationship and what I could’ve done better, what they deserved and simply weren’t getting. It’s my way of pushing her to find someone better than me and not lose confidence or faith in the world!