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SOMEGIRLNAMEDANNA Unveils Video for New Single ‘seriously just stop’

For everyone who is done with casual flings and getting ghosted, seriously just stop from somegirlnamedanna is going to be your new anthem.

somegirlnamedanna 2020

Minnesotan artist somegirlnamedanna continues her brand of highly relatable, diaristic tracks with her newest single and video seriously just stop. A track detailing the frustrations of being strung on by someone who clearly is not as committed to a relationship, wasting your time, it provides you with an innovative new way to convey your feelings and clap back at those who are toying with your emotions.

The dreamy video brings home the down-to-earth nature of the artist and track, featuring screenshots from various text messages that Anna herself has (unfortunately) experienced. She explains:

We shot the ‘seriously just stop’ music video during quarantine, making sure to be safe with proper protocol. I wanted this music video to feel empowering and show my personality, to convey how I felt when I wrote the song. I had a lot of fun channeling that same attitude I wrote this song with during the video shoot too. I’m pretty sure my cat Bean (furry co-star) did the same.

The release of the single and video also falls in line with the release of her debut EP twenty one, twenty two, a collection of intimate tracks that will only make you fall in love with the artist more as she gets candid with listeners. She shares:

‘twenty one, twenty two’ represents the journey that the last year has taken me on: the ups and downs, and the love and the heartbreak. To me, this ep has been about self-discovery and the path to self-acceptance. I think it’s easy to forget that people are not living the perfect lives portrayed on social media, and these songs were inspired by the real challenges and downswings that many of us face behind the screen. I want people to remember they are not alone in these times and I hope we continue to display our vulnerabilities and traits that make us human in popular culture.