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GRAE Shares Dazzling New Cut ‘2725’

Growing up to Janet Jackson’s Rhythm Nation as a soundtrack on a repeat, the powerful feminist aura of the work took root in GRAE’s own mentality and is reflected now in her own enigmatic sound. 

GRAE 2020

Toronto-based GRAE details the difficulties of being apart from the one you love, as she explores the struggles of being in an internet relationship with someone on the other side of the country – specifically ‘2725 – that’s how many miles your bed is from mine’.

2725 expels a quiet yet assertive dominance through the unwavering intensity of the accompaniment that never crosses into being too brash, yet maintains a steady drive throughout. GRAE’s own sugar-coated vocals tend towards the raw, lo-fi bedroom pop trend that has taken hold of popularity, and is a dulcet sound that gently tickles the eardrums. Her yearning lyricism conveys the desperate feelings that underpin this feeling of longing for something you can’t have, and you would be hard-pressed not to feel sympathetic for the artist as she paints an ardent desire of getting ‘lost inside your dark brown eyes’. Voicing her uncertainty about where the relationship will go and how it will play out, the deep-cutting honesty of the track is one that will make you want to share all of your innermost thoughts with the artist too.