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DAVA Shares Infectious New Cut ‘Right Time’

Blending R&B sensibilities with sugary vocals, the sweet new single from Dava will be the perfect summer listen.

Dava 2020

Los Angeles-based musician Dava dazzles with her dulcet voice and relaxed attitude in her newest single Right Time, a laid-back track threaded with lo-fi beats and R&B influences. Meshed with a hypnotic guitar pick-up, the looping accompaniment sets you at ease as a docile bass-line gently guides you along and feathery hi-hats tickle past your ear. With a continual momentum carrying throughout the track, Right Time feels like an easy stroll along the beach as soothing instrumentals transport you along without ever making you feel rushed. Fittingly, for a song about love and the curious wonder that can accompany a blossoming romance, Right Time is utterly lovable and you will find it difficult to detach from the saccharine sound of Dava.

Speaking more about the track, Dava divulges:

This song is likely going to be received as being very different from my first single ‘ASOS’, but that is exactly what I want people to expect from me. I strongly believe in making music that resonates with how I feel at the time, without the limitations of continuity or genre. I wrote this song for someone special. Someone that made me feel like it was the right time for love.