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JARED MARC Releases Swaggering Single ‘Villain’

With a playfulness and teasing nature, Villain is the hooking new listen from Jared Marc.

Jared Marc 2020

Hailing from Columbus, Ohio, Jared Marc had a musical upbringing that will become evident to listeners as he incorporates a variety of styles and influences to create his own spellbinding formula. Having studied at the Capital University’s Conservatory of Music, Jared broke away from the formulaic methodology of his education to let his creativity flow without restraint by turning to producing and songwriting after graduation. It’s this innate musicality combined with his innovative flair that leads to his gripping sound, and it’s a combination that has seen him touring and playing alongside the likes of Twenty One Pilots and Walk The Moon before he kicked off his solo career last year.

With his newest single Villain, Jared Marc shows that he is ready to tackle the remainder of this year with a swing. Swaggering and charismatic, there’s a playful backbeat to Villain that will make you want to click your fingers along to it. Describing Villain as a “vibin, haunting, swag from the underworld with a dollop of playful pop” and a “new alt orchestral lowlife quarantine masterpiece”, you will not be able to resist the grooviness of the track. Maybe that’s what makes it such a villain though – it is criminally catchy.