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NARROW HEAD Release New Single ‘Hard To Swallow’

Narrow Head’s tempestuous Hard To Swallow is here to launch the band’s newest album 12th House Rock towards the spotlight.

Narrow Head 2020

In anticipation of their new album 12th House Rock, out on 28th August, Narrow Head return to remind you why you noted the date down with the intoxicating Hard To Swallow. With heavy, deep and beautifully dissonant guitar riffs backing hypnotizing, piercing vocals, the song is going to grab and hold on tight to your attention until the very end as it dives into the depths of desolation and hopelessness. With so much raw emotion unleashed in just one song and expressed so clearly through uncomplicated sounds, the song is sure to peak our curiosity and make you wonder what the entire album 12th House Rock has to offer.