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YUNGBLUD Teams Up With DENZEL CURRY for Gritty Single ‘Lemonade’

Hopping back on his eclectic “fuck authority and boxes” brand, Lemonade is not your radio-friendly Yungblud.

Yungblud x Denzel Curry Lemonade

From the very start of his career, Yungblud aka Dominic Harrison has refused to lock himself into one genre or another. That could not be more evident than in 2020 where none of his three singles have sounded remotely alike. His latest, Lemonade, is a gritty, rap-infused number featuring acclaimed rapper, Denzel Curry. Grungy electronics guide the heavy beat through the verses and infectious chorus. The final minute of Lemonade is an indulgent breakdown of beats and vocables that even those without a rap-bone in their body can appreciate. Harrison’s attempt at rap once more proves his capabilities as an artist, but it’s Curry’s slick and effortless rhymes that solidify the hip-hop side of the track.

Detailing the song, Harrison explained:

It’s about wanting to explode. It’s about the injustice all aspects of my generation is fighting against every day. When people hear this I want them to release that pressure, lose their shit together as one because we are stronger together.