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BRIJS Shares New Single ‘River Swimming’

If you’re looking for a sun-drenched and elevating track to get you through your week, River Swimming from Brijs will most certainly do the job for you.

Brijs 2020

River Swimming is the fourth offering from Brijs‘ upcoming debut album Glitra. Inspired by some time spend along the Charente River in France, how could you not construct something that reflects such charm. With a broad array of elements including intricate guitars, echoing vocals and well-paced alluring drums, the track builds into this atmospheric moment. It feels nourishing just like a refreshing dip and leaves us wanting more. You can hear the playfulness and a strong sense of warmth which is infectious.

Speaking on the new single, Brijs shares:

That first trip to France was like jumping into a cool river on a summer’s day after a long journey and washing off five years of stress, sweat and grime. Half swimming, half floating, I headed downstream away from the greyness and noise towards a sun-drenched peace somewhere in the distance. Those two years living at Cecil Court felt similar in a way.